How to face the future and meet the arrival of the digital age is a challenge for every manufacturing enterprise. In the process of getting rid of the traditional design, R & D and production mode based on two-dimensional drawings and moving forward to a comprehensive digital enterprise based on three-dimensional model, enterprises need to fundamentally establish digital thinking and production and operation management mode, and establish a scientific strategic transformation path. Hantuo technology is committed to providing digital transformation consulting and landing services for R & D and manufacturing enterprises, and has created a targeted experience center. In the experience center, you can communicate with experts through practical operation and personally experience:

  • How to realize the project order, quote quickly and accurately, and improve the project profit;
  • How product data flow operates and flows in the product life cycle, and how to get through design to manufacturing; How to improve the on-time delivery rate and even shorten the project delivery cycle;
  • How to realize scientific and standardized material cost control and how to reduce after-sales costs;
  • How to establish efficient digital collaborative management;
  • How to establish the universality of enterprise digital assets by constructing three-dimensional visual data;

Application experience

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  •   Paperless production workshop
  •   Code unique management
  •   Product quick BOM
  •   Purchasing and material control shall control the material surplus
  •   Project coordination and progress control
  •   Grasp the project delivery on schedule and shorten the cycle
  •   Accurately evaluate project revenue and order Quick Quotation
  •   Order Quick Quotation





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