Architecture, city and region Solution
Architectural, Urban and Regional Solutions
Companies specializing in structural, engineering and construction services, equipment design, building design and infrastructure projects must be able to develop innovative designs that are cost-effective and sustainable. Technology connects almost everything we see. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the way we build the modern building environment. The continuous growth of urban population around the world brings the concept of "smart city". These smart cities are designed with digital innovation in mind, that is, the innovation that can meet the long-term urban challenges.

Universal model

SOLIDWORKS® solution provides a general model to develop complete and accurate design, which can be used across planning, equipment design, layout, manufacturing and architecture. You can also quickly create realistic rendering and complete detailed manufacturing engineering drawings.

Optimize the building process
Optimize the construction process to reduce plan and cost overruns, project risks and time waste. This method can also separate the most meaningful information from the flood of project data, thus simplifying information creation and maintenance.

Architecture-oriented design
The design data from concept to manufacturing are connected through the industrial building process, in which the design model constitutes the manufacturing basis. This building information management (BIM) environment can significantly reduce waste and rework.

industrialized building
By using 3D design, simulation and visualization, AEC industry can achieve productivity and high-quality results comparable to manufacturing industry.

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